Facebook Group Poster Joiner Liker Commenter and many More Features For Auto Marketing on Facebook

How to Use facebook Group Photo Poster For Auto Posting in Multi Groups

  • 01. Open Wizard
  • 02. Click Upon Photo Poster
  • 03. Enter Your facebook ID.
  • 04. Enter Your Facebook Password.
  • 05. Enter Your Matter.
  • 06. Click Browse Button to attach image from a folder.
  • 07. Select wanted or Deselect unwanted Image.
  • 09. Click upon Load.
  • 10. You will See Loaded Groups which are already joined.
  • 11. Click upon Start.
  • 12. See all number of groups and Click Ok.
  • 13. Open your facebook account and see its posting.
  • 14. Enjoy facebook Group Poster Robot is Your new facebook marketing Assistant...

See All Steps in This Video

  • 01. Don't try speed less than 180/185 seconds per post.
  • 02. Use sleep for 1 minutes minimum after 5 posts.
  • 03. Try to change Posting ids, text and images regularly to avoid spam.
  • This is a smart software for smart people only .

  • Don't worry Its very safe and effective like a human is working for You.....All The best......

How To Join Groups in facebook

  • 01. Click and launch software wizard.
  • 02. You will See This window.
  • 03. Click upon Joiner 1.
  • 04. Enter id and password of your facebook id.
  • 05. Select How many groups per keyword you want to join.
  • 06. Select minimum members you want per group to join.
  • 07. Enter a Keyword for which you want to join groups.
  • 08. Click Upon Start.
  • 09. Wait and See it is searching and sending requests to groups automatically per minute like a Human..
  • 10. Don't Join more than 100 groups in a day to keep facebook id active.
  • 11. Enjoy facebook Group Poster Robot is Your new facebook marketing Assistant.. .

All other options of software also work in the same way..Enjoy This Facebook Group Auto Poster Marketing Tool....All The best......

  • Remember : Follow facebook Posting Policies and don't spam to keep your facebook id safe as
    the facebook Auto marketing software is just for your help to post fast & easy.